January 2002 - Monterey

January 2002 - Monterey
January 2002 - Monterey
Studio 1 Group Exercise Schedule
Monday 2000 Garden Road Monterey, CA 831-646-0550
7:30 Yoga Chuck
8:45 Power Sculpt Eric Class Descriptions Studio 2
10:00 SAS Maureen Monday
12:00 Step II Jackie 4-Play: Advanced level step class using up to 4 platforms. 6:15 Cycle Christy
4:00 4-Play D'' Hania 6:00 Cycle Kim
4:45 Yoga I Kim All Abs: 15 minutes of exercises targeting the abdominal area.
5:30 Turbo Mix Michelle Tuesday
6:30 Yoga John Aqua Aerobics: 1 hour cardio, toning, and flexibility work in shallow water. No Classes
Tuesday Body Bar Sculpt: Toning And Strengthing using body bar. Wednesday
6:15 Body Bar/CardioSculpt Michele 6:15 Cycle Christy
7:30 Yoga Chuck Body Sculpting: Designed to promote muscular strength, shape and definition. Light weights, bands and steps may be used. 6:00 Cycle Michele
8:45 Body Sculpting Kadria
5:30 Step II Jackie Thursday
6:30 Body Bar Sculpt Kim 5:30 Cycle Kadria
7:30 Kickboxing Aerobics Ann Body Bar/Cardio Sculpt: Sculpt with Body Bar and intervals of Step, Hi-low and maybe boxing
Wednesday 6:15 Cycle Kim
7:30 Yoga Chuck Cycle: Indoor cycling workout for all levels. The fun of outdoor cycling without the dangers. 3:30 Cycle John
8:45 Intro to Belly Dancing Janette
10:00 Pilates M.A.T. Maureen Saturday
12:00 Step/Body Bar Interval Jackie HiLo: Hi and low impact aerobics. 45 minute classes are cardio only; 60 minute classes include muscle conditioning. 9:30 Cycle Michele
4:30 Pilates M.A.T. Maureen
5:30 HiLo Eric Sunday
6:30 Power Sculpt Eric 9:00 Cycle Christy
7:30 Yoga Chuck Belly Dancing No experience necessary. Come for fun!
NOTE: Space is limited to 20 in Cycle Reebok classes. Please sign up at the front desk up to 24 hours in advance.
Thursday Kadria Sculpt: Power sculpt ala Kadria
6:15 Body Sculpting Michele
7:30 Yoga Chuck Kickboxing Aerobics: Non-contact only!
8:45 Body Sculpting Kadria Aqua Aerobics
5:30 Step/Body Bar Interval Cheryl Pilates M.A.T.: Beginning level class designed to introduce the body alignment and vocabulary used in the M.M.A.T. classes based on the method of Joseph Pilates. 11:30 Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat
6:30 Kadria Sculpt Kadria 12:30 (beginner) Mon/Wed/Fri
7:30 Kickboxing Aerobics Ann 4:30 Tues/Thurs
Friday Power Sculpt Designed to promote muscular strength, shape and definition. Light weights,bands, steps, etc. Stride
7:30 Yoga Chuck Meet Maureen at 8:30 A.M. at the Asilomar for a 1 hour power walk on Saturday, January 26th.
8:45 Low Impact Challenge Eric
10:00 Gentle Yoga Tay SAS: Stretch & Strengthen - increase flexibility through total body stretching; increase strength through muscle isolation.
4:30 Yoga John
5:30 Weekend Warmup Eric
6:30 Yoga Chuck Step II: Intermediate step workout. Hours
Step/Body Bar Interval: Alternate 6 minutes of step with 2 minutes of muscle conditioning using Body Bar. M-Th 6:00am - 9:30pm
Saturday Fri 6:00am - 8:30pm
7:30 Yoga Chuck Sat 7:30am - 7:00pm
8:30 Power Step Eric Turbo Mix: Cardio, Kickboxing, and Sculpt ala Michele. Sun 8:30am - 7:00pm
9:30 Kadria Sculpt Kadria
10:30 All Abs Kadria Weekend Warmup: A cardio party! Check us out online at www.gardenhealthandfitness.com
Yoga: Relax, strength and flexability.
Yoga I: 45 min yoga break.