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Dear Frank & Jim: When I joined Liberty Health Net just less than two weeks ago, it was because of what I saw as the most incredibly simple marketing plan I have ever come across in 15 years of network marketing.

I could see just how easy it would be for me to start building a team once I had the chance to see if the products were as good as they were claimed to be. It will be exactly 2 weeks tomorrow when I first started taking Weight-Loss Plus (a little skeptically I must admit). I have been trying for quite a while to loose weight without success. Well I am AMAZED!! When I began taking the tablets, I weighed 266 pounds (19 Stone). After just UNDER 2 weeks, I have loss over 10 pounds without changing my eating habits (in fact I have truthfully been eating a little more).

Am I happy? I can''t stop telling people about it. I knew this opportunity was good, but I wasn''t expecting it to be that good! Many Thanks. Paul S -- England

I''ve tried many weight loss products with no success. Ephedra based products gave me the jitters; but when I started using Weight-Loss Plus, I lost 17 pounds in 3 weeks! I couldn''t believe it! Now all my friends notice the difference and want to use Weight-Loss Plus for themselves! Not only have I enjoyed losing weight continually, but I am well on my way to earning a full time income in LHN. I am looking forward to quitting my job. Geneva P. - CA

Dear "LHN" Team: I have been listening to how well my colleagues have been doing on Weight-Loss Plus, so I thought I would give it a try myself. Also my wife, Ruth had been constantly telling me how she had lost 8 pounds in 4 weeks. "You must try it, you must try it", was all she kept saying.

I have up to just recently been using the Grape Seed Extract and been feeling pretty pleased with myself, because I felt so much fitter. I don''t seem to need so much sleep, and I have found it so much easier to walk briskly anywhere.

Getting to the point, I am not what most people would consider ''overweight''. less than a week ago, I weighed 195 pounds, and I decide that I should also try Weight-Loss Plus. Well after recently hearing everyone else''s good news, I thought I would weight myself this morning. The results are fantastic! I have loss 6 pounds in just under a week without really trying. I''m at my lowest weight now for 15 years.

But you know the best thing about it? Because our team is growing so well, my commission now covers the cost of my products, so I am now losing weight for free, and earning an income! Many thanks for the best business opportunity around, combined with products with products that actually do as they say. Ruth & Roger H. -- Great Britain

I am a distributor for Liberty Health Net and I''m using a great product, Weight-Loss Plus. Since I have been using the product, I lost at least 12 pounds. I recommend this product, as well as this exceptional company, to anyone looking for a great opportunity. Thanks Liberty Health Net!
Sincerely, Gary N. - CA

I struggled to lose weight for most of my life. I''ve been trying to treat diabetes without medicine, since when I was taking medicine caused me to gain a lot of weight. Two years ago I lost 15 lbs. on another program and have kept it off, but could not lose anymore.

When I started the Weight- Loss Plus, I noticed my eating patterns starting to improve. I was more in control of my eating. Eating sugar has always been a temptation for me. Now I am totally off sugar and feel terrific. I''ve lost 5 lbs. and many inches over two months. It may not seem like much but I know I will never gain it back since my eating is controlled now. I have also battled with strong bouts of depression. Since taking Wight-Loss Plus I feel much better. I feel a dark cloud has lifted off of me. Thank You Liberty Health Net for such a fine quality product. Sincerely, Jim G. - CA

Dear Frank -- I must compliment you again on Liberty Health, I believe, (In Fact I Know) you have got it absolutely correct, by having only three products. The distributor can FOCUS precisely and promote very, very, precisely and cleanly. I know from experience that one of the biggest problems Nutrition Networks create for themselves is piling as many products as possible (Including the kitchen sink!) into their catalogue, they may think this gives more appeal, in fact I believe it does totally the opposite, it confuses and litters the distributor and the potential recruits. An example my wife (Alexis) who is quite a good networker loves Liberty Health so much she has decided to join also, because she is very keen on dieting (as most women are) and finds Liberty Life so focused, she knows herself exactly how to build on this.

I again must congratulate you on having the most wonderful and sensible and most importantly extremely ACHIEVABLE compensation plans I have ever seen, well done.

Again I know from experience that the sooner a distributor starts to get some success (if only a little) he STAYS and becomes very enthusiastic, this buzz can spread wonderfully without hype.

Yes I do believe you have the right to call yourselves "The Peoples Company".

We will do our best to spread the word, thank you from both myself and Alexis, for giving us this wonderful genuine opportunity. Kind Regards, Bernhart G. - England

The article below appeared in a publication just received called Second Opinion Special Health Bulletin. The sub-title is "Cures from the Frontiers of Medicine", by Robert J. Rowen, M.D. The special article is
"Breakthrough Cancer Cures".


In my search for treatments for life-threatening diseases, I''ve come across another new discovery that continues to amaze me. What is it? Grape seed extract.

Grape seed extract is a major breakthrough in cancer protection and in the prevention of cardiovascular disease as well -- because of its iron-binding capacity.

What makes grape seed extract so special is that it contains a specific class of bioflavonoids called Resveratrol, a remarkably healthy compound and one of the best cancer fighters I''ve ever found.

"Science" magazine notes: "Resveratrol can inhibit all three stages of chemical carcinogenesis -- tumor initiation, promotion, and progression."

How? Resveratrol stops the body''s production of an enzyme called cyclooxy-genase, or COX. If you can stop COX, you can stop the production of cancerous cells.

Dr. Michael J. Wargovich, a cancer researcher at M.D. Anderson Hospital in Houston, says Resveratrol "really hits a home run in the range of activity it has against cancer.

FOR STEW RAFERT, RESVERATROL WAS A LIFESAVER. Stew''s body was ravaged by cancer doctors said was terminal. They gave him no hope for recovery. Stew could no longer walk without bending to pain ... couldn''t sit up in a chair.... and couldn''t even lie in bed in most positions without pain.

Out of desperation, his wife began giving Stew daily doses of Resveratrol. Within six weeks, there were signs the cancer was being chased out of his body.

Stew''s wife says gratefully, "Three months after taking Resveratrol, Stew was walking two miles a day, driving a van, and shopping if he hungered for something. No more cancer remained to threaten my dear husband."

One more thing: IF YOU HAVE CANCER, or know someone who does, this report could literally make the difference between life and death. IF YOU DON''T HAVE CANCER, I beg you not to wait for it to show up before you take action. Now is the best time to prevent cancer from ever entering your life.

Important: Liberty Health Net, Inc. is not affiliated with Second Opinion Publishing. They have Newsletters, books and Special Reports that you can order.

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